Approach in the field of services. In a span of less than seven years we are having freight operation covering more than 5000 Pincodes across India, 200 + employees and associates managing operation at over 36 Branch(s). Teller System Operation Dedicated Account Management Team leading to Single Point Responsibility for your Supply Chain Operations in India.

At Max Logistic we have the expertise and experience necessary to manage warehousing and distribution process efficiently and effectively .The product flows are optimized and supply chain costs are driven down .Our customer can reduce their inventory carrying costs and increase service levels , while maintaining the flexibility required to meet fast changing market demands . These warehouses provide cost effective transit storage and value added services such as consolidation and deconsolidation. In addition we also facilitate the process of redistribution to final destination based on the customer distribution locations and urgent requirement. As a Logistic provider our service focus on strategic result oriented approach that combines people, technology systems and logistic methodology. Our clients benefit through reduced cost, low inventories, local logistic know how, enhanced customer services, improved profits and returns on invested capital, transportation and distribution with maximum supply chain efficiency.

We offer an array of transportation services 24/7 to designated place .We have a reliable, local national transportation service that ensure safe and timely delivery of shipments. We provide flexible, effective, customised surface freight services solutions to our customers. Our designated route network ensures that customer gets the best possible surface transport service.

Value-added services are those which complement and enhance warehousing, transportation, and logistics offerings. Using value-added logistics services enables companies to lower inventory footprints of finished goods by delaying the labeling and final assembly of products until customer orders are received. This is a cost effective supply chain strategy that gives companies more flexibility over their inventory. Max Logistic value added services provide solutions that go beyond the basic warehousing and transportation services that come to mind when companies look to outsource logistics. Max Logistic value added logistics services include: Polybagging & Shrink Wrapping Other value added services Max Logistic provides are bundle pack shrink wrapping and onsite product polybagging. This allows for mass customization of orders as well as the ability to produce and fulfill customer orders on demand. Labeling Max Logistic offers mass application services for customer supplied or Max Logistic generated labels in addition to or separate from our other value added offerings.

The ability and the skill to examine the handling, storing, moving, packaging and distribution of the materials all around the warehouse area is termed as a warehouse management. They contract with finished materials and goods and are engaged into services like cross-reference lists and warehouse master records. Allocation of goods, transfer in process, safety of stock, attaining statistics by spot are some of the various other activities that are planned by the management of the warehouse. So in order to keep the supervision of all this activities a warehouse manager is appointed. The warehouse manager is required to carry out his vital roles like overseeing and recording deliveries and pickups, loading and unloading of materials and supplies, maintenance of inventory and tracking system., selecting suitable areas for storage, rotating stock as per the requirements and regulating inventory levels to reproduce receipts and disbursements at perfect timings.

Private equity and venture capital investments have surged in India over the past three years, and so private investors and companies looking for growth capital have lots of opportunities to choose from. Are the investors there? Well, according to an article, some experts have claimed that more millionaires live in India than on the entire west coast of the US.